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Welded mesh is defined as a screen made of metal consisting of longitudinal and cross wires welded at appropriate spaces. While some manufacturers design the mesh with hand, most of them make use of the designing machines to save time, efforts and labor cost.

If you are about to begin a store that sells welded wire mesh, it is important that you learn about different applications of these metal screens. This will help you meet the needs of different welded mesh buyers visiting your store. Here is a discussion about different types of welded mesh and their applications.

A common use of this is to act as a fence around a building or any other structure. These screens are also used to fence the machines in the industrial setups. The most suitable type used for this purpose is the electro galvanized welded wire mesh. These are designed to resist corrosion so that they offer long life and good value for money. Apart from straight screens, you can sell rolls and panels of these structures which are in high demand in different industrial setups.

You can also sell decorative welded mesh at your store. These screens are used to fence the garden areas, animal cages and other similar structures. The PVC coated wire is a great variety used for decorative purposes. These are available in a variety of colors like green and white. The PVC coat enhances the durable nature of these screens so that they last for longer. Bright luster, anti-corrosion support and strong adhesive property are some of the most advantageous features of these screens.

Among the welded mesh buyers visiting your store might be those looking for screens that can be used for platform grating, slab manufacturing and flooring. To meet these requirements, you must sell welded stainless steel mesh. As they are made up of stainless steel, these screens offer high strength as well as reliability. These are highly corrosion resistant and can be used in high-profile projects. The concrete laser screed contractor Beech Grove structures made by reinforcing welded mesh made of stainless steel in them are highly safe to erect.

Just like electro galvanized welded wire mesh, there are similar screens that are galvanized by dipping them into hot molten zinc. These welded wire mesh screens are used for making partitions and also to fence the machines. These too have the property to resist the action of corrosion.

Another popular application of these screens is in road grating. For this, welded steel bar gratings are most usual choices. These screens are not only easy to install, but cost less and are preferred for big projects. Your store may be visited by customers who would be interested in these screens to make drainage coverings. These are also utilized in the chemical plants and metallurgical processes.

As you can see, there are many types of welded mesh screens based upon the applications they are used for. By offering different varieties at your store, you can easily attract more number of welded mesh buyers.

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